On this Q&A Episode of The Money Twins Podcast, we answer the question “What easy things can I do every day, to save money?”.

We breakdown the answer into 2 segments; small daily habits, and big picture ideas.

After all, building your savings and emergency fund is one of the first things you do to strengthen your finances.

Small Everyday Habits

The idea behind this part of the list is to create a new habit.  And overtime, it will come more natural to you.

Some of these might seem small, or even common sense.  But, they can add up.

The more of these you can implement, the more you can build up your savings, and start putting your money towards the goals that really motivate you.

How to save money every day

Big Picture Ideas

We like to think these are the most important.

We’re not saying the small, every day habits aren’t important.  But, these next couple of items are more of a mind shift than a habit.

At first, they might come off as a little harder to motivate yourself to do, but over time, they become a habit, just like the small things.

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Matt & Brad Ruttenberg

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