What to do when you get a raise

You did it!  You’ve been working hard, and all that time and energy has finally paid off, you’ve gotten that raise.

Now what do you do?  You spend it of course!  Just kidding…

But, in all seriousness, go for it.  You deserve it.

In this week’s episode, the twins give you the 5 steps you need to take after you get a raise.

Sometimes, personal finance can be brutal.  Some preach that you need to live like a pauper on the path to financial freedom.

Matt & Brad discuss how that couldn’t be farther from the truth.  It’s all about discovering your goals and rewarding yourself along the way to keep you motivated.

Matt talks about how it is okay to reward yourself by pushing back your new responsibilities.  But, just how much should you earmark towards this reward?

He also gives us an idea of how to keep you motivated for your larger goals, while enjoying your new-found income.

Brad gives us which of the 5 steps to start with after receiving a raise.  And, he explains which steps to complete first.

He talks about how you should make sure that your insurance is up to date, and how that should be towards the top of that list.

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GOALS:  (14:32)

Matt talks about one of his favorite books, The 4-Hour Work Week, and how it can create a mind shift in your retirement goals.

They talk about how the author, Tim Ferriss, views retirement, and life in general.

He makes you think twice about traditional retirement as a goal, and challenges you to create your own definition.

Brad’s favorite takeaway is that you should look at your retirement savings as insurance.  It’s there for when you can’t work any longer.

Matt admits how it has changed his perspective on retirement.  And Niesha loves the mindset that you shouldn’t wait until you get older to enjoy life.

Q&A (20:20)

The guys answer the questions; “When is it worth while to buy life insurance?”, and “Why is it hard for me to be financially responsible?”.

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Matt & Brad Ruttenberg

Matt & Brad Ruttenberg

The Money Twins

Born and raised in Ohio, Matt and Brad are identical twins and 3rd generation financial planners.  They teach people how to live their best financial life by sharing their diverse knowledge on money.

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About Matt & Brad

They are identical twins and money experts.  Matt and Brad Ruttenberg have, combined, over 2 decades of experience as financial planners.  They are known for simplifying money and helping others go from living paycheck to paycheck to thriving financially.

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budget workbook, the money twins

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Your FREE 10+ page workbook to take you from over spending to THRIVING

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