What to do when you get a raise

On this episode of The Money Twins Podcast, the twins talk about why you should diversify your income, and how it can help you achieve your goals, much faster.

We all know we should diversify our investments, but did you know that you should diversify your income too?  To quote Warren Buffett, “Never depend on one source of income.  Make the investment to create a second source”.

Matt brings up an article from CNBC on how Warren Buffet acts as a mentor to a certain NFL football player, and his number one piece of advice, is to not be complacent.

Brad discusses a family who was sitting on top of a side hustle and didn’t realize it, while confirming that finding just one extra source of income is a great start.

While Niesha, as a past photographer, gives a few ideas on how a stay-at-home mom can make extra money monetizing things you’re already doing.

They give ideas on creating side hustles by using companies like Shopify, Leadpages and Teachable.  These platforms can give you the freedom to make money online, while still taking care of the day to day.

GOALS (16:22)

In the Goals segment of the podcast, Brad talks about health, one of his own goals.

He discusses how signing up for HealthyWage can give you the motivation to get healthy, while getting paid.

You have the option to either enter an individual or team challenge and win up to $10,000!

Q&A (23:04)

Matt & Brad answer the questions; “Can I trade stocks in a 401k, and what are the gains and fees associated?” and “Can I make a Roth IRA contribution for the previous year?”.

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Matt & Brad Ruttenberg

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