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In this episode of The Money Twins Podcast, the guys discuss what is the meaning behind the phrase, “The Millionaire Next Door”.  They touch on ways to build good habits, and what could happen when you try to “keep up with the Joneses”.

Matt brings up diversifying your income through creating passive income sources like real estate and online business.

While Brad brings up an easy rule of thumb to keep you from making those impulse purchases and how understanding your goals can help keep your family on track.

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GOALS (9:18)

In Episode 1, Niesha brings up that she had recently sent back her 23andMe DNA testing kit, and she was waiting on the results in hopes of getting a better understanding of her heritage.

Well, she got her results back!  She officially has ties to royalty, and not to mention, a famous astronomer.

She also covers how these results might have changed one of her biggest goals.

23andMe offers an Ancestry service for $99, and a Health + Ancestry service for $199.

Q&A (17:05)

The twins answer the questions; “How should I divide my monthly income between retirement, savings, insurance, and investments?”, and “How much should I budget for groceries?”.

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Matt & Brad Ruttenberg

Matt & Brad Ruttenberg

The Money Twins

Born and raised in Ohio, Matt and Brad are identical twins and 3rd generation financial planners.  They teach people how to live their best financial life by sharing their diverse knowledge on money.

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They are identical twins and money experts.  Matt and Brad Ruttenberg have, combined, over 2 decades of experience as financial planners.  They are known for simplifying money and helping others go from living paycheck to paycheck to thriving financially.

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